OurSeniorsTeam.netWe are very proud to announce that we are launching the OurSeniors Team!

After identifying the growing need for seniors to feel confident in their new life transitions, the team at OurSeniors.net has created a division that focuses on helping magazine readers move forward.

The OurSeniors Team is a group of individuals consisting of lawyers, realtors, accountants, caretakers and others that come together to tackle any issue such as relocation, asset protection, healthcare plan optimization and more.

No issue is too small for the OurSeniors Team to address. The team was created for those who live far away from loved ones or feel alone in this life stage. It’s a resource to answer questions on specific issues and a helping hand to figure out the logistical problem solving that make tasks seem overwhelming.

For more information, the team can be reached at 386-204-4500.