The Baby Boomers have been famous as a generation since they were born. Several thousand Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age every day and will continue at this rate for another ten years or so. With longer life expectancy than previous generations, these senior citizens are healthier, more active, and shopping for housing that matches their lifestyle and needs. Whether considering an active senior community, an independent living facility, an assisted living facility or a nursing home, understand the various options before making a decision.

For some, the idea of living out retirement in the same house where a family was raised, seems ideal. However, neighborhoods change as children grow up and young families move in. An aging house needs constant maintenance and repairs What may have seemed like an ideal situation, turns into a burden. Lunch & Learn


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For seniors who like the independence of their own home, an active senior community can be a good move. The neighborhoods are designed to be senior-friendly. They are developed with single-family homes that include modern conveniences and low-maintenance features. These features allow seniors freedom to pursue their active lifestyles and other interests or hobbies, without the burden often associated with home ownership. Although each community is unique, the typical offerings include golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers and some type of building designated for social events. An activities director is often on-site to coordinate classes, club meetings or other events. The recreation and social activities are set up to be conducive to meeting people with similar interests or likes.

When a senior loses a lifetime partner, or family and friends relocate to another area, a move to an independent living facility can be an option. These communities offer enhanced apartment style living for seniors. Residents can choose to live alone or with a roommate, and the apartments are completely self-contained with private kitchens and bathrooms. For residents who do not cook, a community dining room is available for three meals per day that are served restaurant style by staff at the facility. The shared dining time promotes a social time with all the residents, making friendships a little easier to forge. Independent living facilities can provide transportation for shopping and medical appointments, but residents often drive themselves and keep their personal car parked on the premises. Social activities, entertainment, and personal services are available for residents who wish to participate. Independent living facilities also offer minimal assistance for the residents. Assistance with medication schedules is a typical service that is available. Another popular service is to have the resident’s laundry washed and delivered to their unit. Independent living facilities are designed so that the residents maintain as much independence as possible.

As people age, many factors can interfere with independent living. Health issues can turn an otherwise ordinary living situation into a health risk or a dangerous environment. Assisted living facilities are designed to fill this need. An assisted living facility encourages residents to maintain as much independence as possible, while providing any assistance that is necessary. The communities are set up like apartments, maximizing individual privacy. Residents are not expected to cook, but may have a kitchenette area to prepare a snack or beverage in their own unit. Just as in an independent living facility, residents are encouraged to maintain as much independence as possible. An array of services are available such as help with dressing and bathing or management of medications. Varied levels of assistance can be arranged through the staff at the assisted living facility.  Because each individual will have a different set of needs and requests, communication with the staff about resident needs and expectations is important. Each assisted living facility is unique, and the level of care offered is dependent upon on the licensing and staffing of that facility. An assisted living facility can provide as much or as little assistance to residents as is needed.

When a loved one begins to consider options for a new living arrangement, research is a good first step. After discovering the communities and facilities that are available, it is easier to know what questions to ask that will help the decision process. Look at alternative housing options with an open mind, then evaluate the needs of the senior. These steps will help to identify the best choice for a new living situation.

Every individual has different needs that will determine their best lifestyle choice. is here to help by providing resources for the many options available throughout Central Florida. Resources are available to provide information and answer concerns and questions. has created a list of resources to help sort through the many senior lifestyle choices available. provides support in determining the best choices in senior living to suit any specific need.

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