As the Baby Boomer population enters retirement age, the industry of senior living options has expanded to meet new demands. In prior generations senior citizens had limited choices when considering how to live out retirement years. Retirees could remain in a home they had lived in for many years, move in with a relative, or go to a nursing home. Each of the choices had positives, but also some negative consequences. Staying in a longtime home could be comforting because of its familiarity, but it could also be too large, require too much maintenance, or be lonely for an empty-nester. Moving in with a relative could be a good option if the relative had the space to provide private accommodations, but this usually is simply not the case. A nursing home conjures up images of a hospital setting where elders were sometimes placed and forgotten, with no visitors or social opportunities. With so many choices now, seniors need to become informed to make the best lifestyle choice for their situation. Each type of living arrangement provides a unique set of features and advantages.  By gathering information, seniors can make the best decision for their own personal lifestyle preferences.

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In recent years, active senior communities have become popular. This is a planned community, usually of single-family homes, designed to appeal to seniors who are active. The supported activities might be purely social, or focused on a sport, or even a club set up for seniors with like interests. The homes are built to be senior-friendly with many modern conveniences and low maintenance features. Amenities will typically include recreation facilities for the residents, as well as a gathering place for social events. Residents continue to enjoy independence and privacy in their own home, while having readily available activities.

Similar in to an active senior community, independent living facilities have also become popular. In an independent living facility, residents have a private apartment. Although the apartments have full kitchens, the facility also has an on-site dining room where meals are prepared for residents.  The dining room often becomes a great place for residents to socialize. Independent living facilities provide entertainment and other activities for the residents. Each independent living facility offers their own unique set of services. The services offered might be anything from medical assistance and daily living help to spa services and craft classes.

A living option for a senior who needs further help with daily living activities, is an Assisted Living Facility (ALF). As with the independent living facilities, an ALF typically provides a private room or apartment, ensuring privacy and as much independence as possible. ALFs are licensed and staffed according to the level of services offered to the residents. An ALF can provide medication management, daily living assistance, and many other services, depending on the needs of each resident. When physical abilities make independent living unsafe, an ALF can be a good compromise between independence and having necessary assistance.

Senior citizens who are considering a move need to seek out information. After gathering information, visits and tours to communities under consideration should be arranged. An on-site visit provides the opportunity to meet residents and staff, and to ask any questions that might come up. These are just a few examples of the many senior lifestyle choices available. Each individual will have their own idea of which environment is best suited to their lifestyle. is here to help by providing resources for the many options available throughout Central Florida. Resources are available to provide information and answer concerns and questions. has created a list of resources to help sort through the many senior lifestyle choices available. provides support in determining the best choices in senior living to suit any specific need.

The senior living resources compiled on can help in locating the best senior living opportunities in Central Florida, including:

Use the resources and information gathered by to support a smooth transition into a senior lifestyle change. The support and resources can alleviate some of the stress that often comes with a move. A decision to move can be an exciting step into a new lifestyle with new friends and activities. There is a wide selection available for seniors choosing their new lifestyle or living arrangements. provides knowledge and information to assist seniors in choosing the best option. Use our website or call us for help in locating any of these senior needs:

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