OurSeniorsDiscountsThis week is Wellderly Awareness Week, which we think is an important observance for talking about total wellness. When we hear the word “wellness,” we usually think about exercising and eating healthy, but what you may not know is that it also includes financial, mental and emotional wellness for a happy and healthy life.

Mental, emotional and physical wellness can all affect each other as physical wellness positively affects mental and emotional wellness, and if you do not focus on your mental and emotional wellness, then you may not be prioritizing physical wellness. By getting outside, taking a stroll with a friend or family member or engaging in senior-friendly exercises and classes can help get you to a place where you feel benefits all around. Sometimes, when we are lacking motivation or feeling a bit low, we think we will feel better by sleeping the day away or sitting and not doing anything. Science shows that this is one of the worst things to do as it makes you feel worse than you felt in the beginning! The best thing is to take baby steps toward an enjoyable activity whether it be stepping outside for a moment, calling a friend or signing up for an activity, because it signals happiness to the brain, which helps you to feel better and look forward to something positive.

Financial wellness can be practiced through a variety of ways. At OurSeniors.net, we have promoted different opportunities for getting your taxes together or saving money on everyday items. Our coupon book, provided online and within our magazine, is the perfect way to keep your expenses low on things like auto repair, community events and home care. It is also important to know where senior discounts are provided in your community to save on things like food, restaurants, movie tickets and much more.

We hope you enjoy your Wellderly Awareness Week and remember to get outside and socialize a bit!