Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re talking to a new friend, getting to know them, and you miss what they’re saying for a second. Naturally, you ask them to repeat themselves,. But then it happens again and again! Eventually, you are sweating, staring and nodding awkwardly in hopes that they never notice.

If you’ve been losing your sense of hearing, you know how significant an impact this has on your life. Hearing loss doesn’t only affect you physically, it affects you emotionally. You can feel helpless, depressed, and even angry! I want to let you know that what you’re feeling is ok. The reactions you’re having are normal. But if you’re going to transition from frustrated to a happy senior lifestyle, you will have to face these feelings.

How to Start

Stop Hiding Your Feelings

Hearing loss can feel like you’ve lost an essential part of yourself, and the truth is you have. Denying or sugar-coating this profound loss will not help with your grief, you must accept it. Talk to your friends, your family, or a therapist. There is no shame in sharing and vocalizing your pain; it is the best way to help you let go of what you once had. Develop a support system that will help you in your senior transition. Vent, and explain to them your new needs.

Know Your Options

Become an avid learner and local senior expert in hearing loss! The task may seem daunting, but the more you know about your new standard, the more control you will feel. This knowledge will lower your anxiety and help you feel better. If you want to shorten the learning curve, get help from a licensed audiologist or an otolaryngologist. These specialists can help you learn about new treatments, support groups, and medical check-ups.

Make Communication Easier

Communicating with perfect hearing is hard and even more so without. But you still must learn to adapt to your new normal and work around it.

When you’re talking to someone:

  • Try to eliminate background noise by turning down TV’s or music.
  • Before talking to someone, call out their name.
  • Always speak slowly and clearly.
  • Avoid raising your voice, it distorts the sound of your words.
  • When speaking to someone always face them
  • Do your best to talk in areas that are well lit, quiet, and calm.

Getting used to hearing loss is impossible overnight, but you will overcome it by facing your new reality! If you want to ease your senior transition, contact ClearCaptions for a free captioning service. ClearCaptions is a certified captioning service funded by Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act and an Approved Vendor. Their facility provides over the phone real-time captioning, which helps seniors with trouble hearing relax during calls!

To learn more about ClearCaptions, click here or call 386-210-9844.

If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, call your nearest medical facility and seek care immediately. If you have an underlying condition like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or respiratory conditions, shelter in place and stay away from others or crowded areas. For the most up-to-date information about the coronavirus, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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