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The Mission & Vision of OurSeniors.NET

Our mission is to help Seniors make informed decisions about matters that impact their wellbeing and happiness.

Our vision is to be the source they go to for information, services and resources they can trust.

OurSeniors.NET Magazine

OurSeniors.NET Magazine is a quarterly publication focused on providing informative and educational material to Our Seniors, their loved ones and caretakers.

OurSeniors.NET Magazine is devoted to providing the best and most complete information available on the many senior-life options available today. We are your guide to finding the resources, facilities, and services you need, and the kind of personalized services, facilities, and care you deserve.

You can depend on the OurSeniors.net online resource directory for accurate, timely and unbiased information.

OurSeniors.net also provides connections through:

OurSeniors Team

OurSeniors Team is a group of dedicated individuals available to help seniors live out their golden years in peace and security. The team consists of lawyers, realtors, accountants, caregivers and others that come together to tackle any issue. OurSeniors has already assisted dozens of people with difficult decisions and tasks like selling their home, finding the right senior community, taking back their assets from the wrong hands, finding caretaker services and more.

It is not too late to upgrade the life of yourself or a loved one, so let the OurSeniors Team help move things forward. 

Brunch & Learn

Brunch and Learn is a monthly forum that provides seniors with valuable information. These events are free to attend, but if you have a meal each cost may be unique to each venue.


The OurSeniors.NET Newsletters are released weekly and are included with your subscription to the OurSeniors.NET Magazine.

Membership Discount Club

In recent years, Seniors have become such a large segment of the population, that businesses often provide incentives targeted at Seniors.  The merchants might be trying to attract new customers, or simply trying to retain current clients. The incentives offered can be in the form of discounts or special options designed specifically for Seniors.

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Learn about matters important to living a happy senior life. No matter where you live, and the possibilities are diverse, from a retirement community to medicare assisted living facility to in-home care, it’s important to keep informed.

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