OurSeniors.net Magazine - Fall 2019OurSeniors.net, a single-source network for senior-related resources, announces the development of a full subscription service of high-quality printed magazines. The network will transition from a free service to $20 annual subscription on Jan. 01, 2020. Long-term subscribers will have the advantage of paying $30 for a two-year subscription and will never miss another issue again, with door-step delivery.

For the past three years, OurSeniors.net has assisted the senior community by providing individuals a multitude of tools and services. There have been many changes within the team, including the company’s name Finding Assisted Living, yet their objective remained the same—to facilitate the transition of an older adult into a senior lifestyle. The network has evolved and expanded to fulfill the needs of seniors, doing as much as possible for the community. As they helped people passage into a new lifestyle, challenges began to arise and a demand for more resources became evident. The network broadened its scope to include a list of professionals who could be depended on by seniors to help in almost any possible circumstance, not just assisted living. This list became known as the directory of approved vendors. The newfound growth required a name, so the network and its resources are proudly regarded as OurSeniors.net. With this new momentum came the adoption of a new goal—to further embody and fulfill all the needs of Central Florida seniors by offering accessible resources.

Change leads to resistance and transitioning into a senior lifestyle is no different. For some, it can be a very challenging time. There are many things that need to be considered, like moving into a new facility or community, medical expenses, legal issues, tax or estate matters. Julian Cantillo, founder of OurSeniors.net created this single-source network because he understands how delicate it is to transition between lifestyles and how much it means to seniors to have some support. He designed the network to be an all-encompassing haven for senior-related topics, a way of addressing all the challenges and questions that may come up during this transition.

At OurSeniors.net the network’s mutual goal is shared and executed by a team of professionals, facilities, services, and businesses. This team does its best to ensure that our seniors have the finest opportunities, the chance to live a comfortable, confident, secure and positive life. Their list of approved vendors is one of the unique features of this network, each vetted vendor has taken an oath to provide seniors the best business quality, the utmost competence and has sworn to adhere to the highest standards. Clients can rest assured when working with anyone within the network that they are receiving both quality and dependability.

As time passed, events and an educational series called “Brunch & Learn” were added to OurSeniors.net. These events were engineered to offer the senior community priceless educational information as well as some social fun. The monthly events are hosted by local restaurants and feature expert speakers detailing subjects like banking, estate planning, financial planning, senior placement and much more. “Brunch and learn” is fun for seniors and their guests. The program is sponsored by OurSeniors.net in conjunction with the hosting restaurants, to provide a special educational brunch to the senior community. To view brief videos of these terrific events, visit OurSeniors.net Media. To learn more and register for a Brunch & Learn.

Thanks to Mr. Cantillo’s vision, he has ensured that the OurSeniors.net website would forever supply free, unbiased and fiduciary guidance to Florida seniors. To provide more information about businesses and services, OurSeniors.net Magazine was created for seniors who would prefer a high-quality printed magazine. The magazine has been available for two years now and has swiftly gained popularity. Previously, the publication was only available in two counties, now they are distributed across Central Florida. OurSeniors.net Magazine showcases fascinating and revealing articles, featuring an Amazing Senior in every edition. The Amazing Senior is a frequent feature that takes readers behind the scenes and into the life of some truly amazing seniors. The current and updated directory of resources is included in every issue of the magazine.

In 2018, OurSeniors.net earned an A+ rating granted by the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida. The Better Business Bureau screens qualifying entities to guarantee their professional proficiency and abidance with the Better Business code of Business Practices. This luminary accomplishment is earned by institutions that have applied for BBB accreditation, a testament to their expertise and high standards. The BBB accreditation is recognized nationwide, and OurSeniors.net has been deemed trustworthy by both the public and the Better Business Bureau. They proudly present this honor on their website and magazine.

Recently, the OurSeniors.net unveiled the development of a coupon book created for vendors and local businesses. OurSeniorsDiscounts.net is a book intentionally fashioned to feature coupons, discounts, and specials, curated for the local senior community. The book’s omnibus design highlights available senior discounts and vendors making it a handy guide for seniors. The coupon book is advantageous to the entire community, it helps seniors by assisting them to safely explore new businesses while saving money. This senior exploration is beneficial to local establishments, by bringing in quality clientele. By advertising and providing coupons or discounts to the senior community businesses are guaranteed to bring in new clients.

OurSeniors.org is a recent addition to the OurSeniors.net family. There are many seniors living in assisted living facilities or nursing homes who are lonely without friends or family to stop by and visit. This need within the community sparked the creation of OurSeniors.org, which is devoted to caring and visiting these lonely seniors. This growing organization brings joy and company to those who are isolated and in need of a friend, it is led by a team of OurSeniors.net staff and wonderful volunteers. OurSeniors.org is helping the community one senior at a time. If you are interested in assisting our seniors and aiding their efforts, consider donating. All donations are used to purchase supplies and are utilized to inspire seniors.

The most recent project by OurSeniors.net is a new subscription service, which allows the network to continue expanding its growth. The new subscription service will enable readers the advantage of having the magazine delivered directly to their door. Seniors will never have to worry about missing an issue again, especially individuals who are seasonal residents in Florida. These subscriptions also make the perfect gift for loved ones and peers. OurSeniors.net is continuously raising the bar to ensure that they are providing the highest quality of service. Stay on the lookout for more developments as they continue to grow to better assist the senior community. Subscribe by calling 386-200-5444 or click Subscribe.

OurSeniors.net has improved and grown tremendously over the years. By encompassing more than just assisted living and retirement options they have set the gold-standard for senior resources. Though challenged by the needs of their community they have matured into an all-inclusive network of prime resources. Their team will continue to develop into a resource directory specifically designed for seniors in the state of Florida. OurSeniors.net hopes to continue expanding and guiding the senior community to make the best choices possible by providing resources in retirement living, financial planning, and for all the other innumerable decisions lifestyle transitions bring. Your support, and loyalty, has ensured numerous years of triumph for their team and community. Thank you for being a part of the OurSeniors.net family.