Sun Viking LodgeA few days ago, our team at briefly spoke about the effects self-isolation has on the body. Today we are taking a deeper dive into how staying indoors and binge-watching Netflix affects the health of a senior.

Netflix, Hulu, and all the streaming apps on the market have changed the way America watches TV. We now have instant access to hundreds of shows, movies, and documentaries that are commercial-free, anywhere, and anytime. Binge-watching a TV series (finishing an entire TV series in less than a week) has become a favorite American past-time. According to a Netflix survey, 61% of users are regularly watching two-six episodes of a show in one sitting, and most of them do it alone. Though entertaining, the act of binge-watching your favorite shows repeatedly can lead to serious health problems.

Below are a few reasons why you should take a break from streaming.

  • Netflix can lead to lower brain functioning due to rapid changes in images, sounds, and actions that your brain processes and lack of interaction.
  • It weakens your cardiovascular system and can lead to a lower life expectancy.
  • It increases the risk of depression due to isolation and reactive depression.
  • It’s linked to obesity and appears to encourage overeating.
  • It decreases your socialization, as most people binge-watch alone.
  • It can destroy your sleep patterns due to long periods of mental stimulation, which cut into your ability to fall asleep.
  • It can lead to deep-vein thrombosis from prolonged periods sitting.
  • It can cause constant fatigue due to sleep debt.

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