As we get older, we start to suffer from hearing loss which makes it difficult to talk on the phone to family, friends and many others. Sometimes we wonder if there is any way to read what people are saying so we don’t have to keep asking them to repeat what they have said. is happy to inform you that ClearCaptions is an Appoved Vendor that provides FREE captions of telephone conversations on a landline or mobile phone. To qualify for the free service, a healthcare professional such as an audiologist must provide a certification of hearing loss. The certification is a form that must be filled out that states the need for the free service.

Once you get the certification, all you need to do is create a ClearCaptions account on their website and reach out to the company to have customer support install the device for you. A tutorial is provided on how to use it and ongoing customer support is provided in case there are any issues using the device.

For more information, visit the ClearCaptions profile here or call 386-210-9844.

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