Hurricane from satelliteIn the northern Atlantic Ocean, hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th. The most dangerous month of the season is September when historically the average of mature hurricanes peaks. If you have lived in Florida long enough, then you know the power that lies within a hurricane. According to NASA, “hurricanes are the most violent storms on earth.” Their winds can range from 74 mph to 157 mph or more! Winds that strong are catastrophic and we never know exactly when such a storm can develop, so we must always be prepared.

How to prepare for Hurricane Season:

    1. Plan an evacuation route (ahead of time)
      • Search for local shelters and your state’s Department of Transportation or Office of Emergency Management website to find evacuation routes.
    2. Sign up for local alerts
    3. Stock non-perishables
    4. Stock emergency supplies
      • First aid kit/medicine
      • Flashlights, extra batteries
      • Waterproof matches
      • Hygienic supplies
      • Protective gear, blankets
      • Priceless items (jewelry, heirlooms)
    5. Collect and safeguard critical personal information
    6. Keep an inventory of your personal property
    7. Review insurance policies
    8. Take steps to protect your home
      • Seal wall openings
      • Anchor fuel tanks
      • Install sewer backflow valves
      • Board up windows or purchase hurricane shutters
      • Cut weak branches and trees
      • Have at minimum three hinges and a deadbolt lock on your front door
      • Make sure your sliding doors are made of tempered glass

Planning and preparing for a hurricane can make the difference between life and death, it can also save you $1000’s in water and wind damage when you take action to protect your property. Always remember that if authorities advise your community to leave the area, ALWAYS leave! Do not stay behind, leave immediately! If you cannot leave then stay indoors, away from windows and glass doors. Also, remember to never use a generator or charcoal-burning device inside. Our team at would like for all of Our Seniors and readers to prepare themselves as we enter the toughest month of Florida’s hurricane season.

To download a hurricane preparedness list or if you would like to find more resources visit: How to Prepare for a Hurricane or if you would like to find more resources visit